Live Life Claim




The first and most critical benefit of the Claim of the Live Life is moving your volition and your vessel out of the Birth Certificate system where your values are harvested you have zero right of self determination your children are wards of the state the ownership of your home and properties are at the permission of the bank, county and state. All of your money is owned by the bank and they can tax you at every level of transaction between you and their corporations. As live -life-claimant you are now in the position of making a claim. It is a step by step process. You start with those systems that are closest to you such as you mailing location, your drivers license, your ID cards, passports, bank accounts. This is where you are when you make a live-life-claim it puts you in a position to make claims and you start with those things that are closest to you and you start creating your own world around you. And this is a very peaceful thing and its done through the mail which is what :Russel. has taught us all along and apart of these steps is that you need to learn the master the skill of syntax in the fiction: ‘Adverb-Verb-Grammar’ – we have tutors, if you are interested in learning please contact us.

There are only two places to claim an authorised Claim of the Life, with Muriel at the Quantum Community, and with the Chief himself – please mention my name as referral to both – hakora – is with the gratitude of the support.

Also we have a discord server called Venue of the Fact, please contact me for the link, and I have a grammar website with more information regarding this whole process. Its called Venue of the Facts.